Best Health Care Choices

Is the solo veterinary practice becoming a thing of the past? Like health care for humans, veterinary care for pets is dramatically changing with the growth of large corporate pet hospitals like Banfield and VCA. Many Americans are choosing to bypass the corner pet store and shop for pet supplies at big box retailers…so it’s […] via What’s the Impact of “Corporatization” on Our Pets’ Veterinary … Continue reading Best Health Care Choices

Pet Health

Simple Health and Wellness for Your Cat Garbage in equals garbage out. That’s true whether we’re talking about programming a computer or feeding and taking care of ourselves and our pets. In recent years, awareness has spread that many of the products on the supermarket shelf may not be the best foods to consume if […] via Simple Health and Wellness for Your Cat — Katzenworld Continue reading Pet Health

Best Algae Scrapers — Jordan Sheil

We all know that aquariums add so much aesthetic to our homes. How many times have you visited a friend’s house and gazed over the well-maintained aquariums? Well, water and sea creatures have been proven to promote calmness and relaxation to some. So it should not surprise us if some are left charmed and attracted […] via Best Algae Scrapers — Jordan Sheil Continue reading Best Algae Scrapers — Jordan Sheil

Static Schematic for Purfection

Have you ever had a bad hair day where the static electricity in your hair is uncontrollable? Well, I was lucky to try Static Schmatic that saved the day. Here’s a little bit about this new product . About Static Schmatic: Static Schmatic® was created by the mother/daughter team, Kris and Whitney, who live in […] via Static Schmatic for Purfection — Katzenworld Continue reading Static Schematic for Purfection