Jones Way Natural Cleaning Solutions

  As one of our goals, we want to offer information and products which bring healing not only to your homes but also to your body as well.   Please take a tour by clicking on our link Natural Products The link will direct your browser  to our site Once there on our shopping cart, one will fine a list of products and items from … Continue reading Jones Way Natural Cleaning Solutions

Organic Food Waste System

An international organic food waste system in “Full scale co-digestion of waste water sludge and food waste: Bottlenecks and possibilities” by D. Bolzonella, J. E. Drewes, K. Koch, L. D. Nghiem (2017) refers to a case study in Oberding, Germany at a ‘centralised food waste processing plant’ discussing the challenges and opportunities to the system. […] […] via Organic Food Waste System — Energy Management Continue reading Organic Food Waste System

Cleaning Air Ducts Often

There are so many people out there who are very sensitive to the outside environment and are allergic to many things. While it might seem good to stay indoors during this time to avoid allergies due to pollution and other things, it is essential to keep in mind that 1/4th of the allergies happen due […] via Air Duct Cleaning Tips for Those Who have Allergies … Continue reading Cleaning Air Ducts Often

Best Algae Scrapers — Jordan Sheil

We all know that aquariums add so much aesthetic to our homes. How many times have you visited a friend’s house and gazed over the well-maintained aquariums? Well, water and sea creatures have been proven to promote calmness and relaxation to some. So it should not surprise us if some are left charmed and attracted […] via Best Algae Scrapers — Jordan Sheil Continue reading Best Algae Scrapers — Jordan Sheil

AirBnB Travel Platform

We booked a private villa using the Airbnb platform for our Bali trip. There were 6 of us in this trip (all adults who had slogged hard for many years) so it made economic sense to book a villa with private pool. Airbnb provided a cheaper alternative to pamper ourselves without burning a hole through […] via Airbnb house in Seminyak — Lil Girl Big Boy … Continue reading AirBnB Travel Platform

Fashion Police Tips

Most people suffer from acne at some point in their lives. Many remedies claim to fix dry skin or oily skin in a matter of a few simple steps. What causes oily skin or dry skin may depend on your individual body chemistry and environment, but your skin may benefit from changing a few simple […] via How your Daily Skin Care Habits May Cause Acne … Continue reading Fashion Police Tips